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How much am I covered for? chevron-down-red
I have had a complaint made about me, how do I make a claim? chevron-down-red
Is volunteer work covered? chevron-down-red
Does NZMII cover work overseas? chevron-down-red
Does the policy cover good samaritan acts? chevron-down-red
Is telehealth work covered? chevron-down-red
Do NZMII policies provide public liability or statutory liability cover or cyber security cover? chevron-down-red
What happens to my policy when I go on parental leave? chevron-down-red
Does NZMII offer tail/run-off cover? chevron-down-red
Does the policy offer any assistance with counselling? chevron-down-red
Is locum work covered? chevron-down-red
Is locum work covered while I am employed by Te Whatu Ora/HNZ and am I in the NZMII RMO group scheme? chevron-down-red
I am working a casual RMO contract for Te Whatu Ora/HNZ, what happens to my group scheme cover? chevron-down-red
Will I be covered if I have an issue from my time on the RMO group scheme? chevron-down-red
I am starting GPEP, what do I need to do? chevron-down-red